Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions we receive from our customers.

Q: How Do I know I Have Asbestos In Our Property?

A: Normally if your house was built before 1990, you may have asbestos in your home. Properties built prior to 1990 should be tested. However relatively few newer houses often have asbestos presence. The most usual places are old floor tiles, roof shingles, ceiling tiles, insulation areas such as around boiler and fireplaces. If you aren’t to sure you can ask a professional to check for you.


Q: What Is asbestos testing?

A: Asbestos testing is a process in which asbestos presence is identified from a sample taken from the property, as it cannot be seen by the naked eye. This usually involves sending samples of suspected asbestos fibers to certified laboratories for analyzing. However even though you can collect samples by yourself getting a professional is advised, as your exposure to asbestos is minimized.


Q: Can I Remove asbestos Myself?

A: Although highly dangerous it can be done as you if it is under 10 square metres.  However a professional contractor has the right equipment such approved respirators, air sampling equipment and disposable clothes.


Q: What Qualifications are required to remove asbestos in Melbourne?

A: The most important licenses required are class A license or class B. In class A license you can be able to remove non- friable asbestos, friable asbestos and any other sort of asbestos you find. In class B you work in relatively smaller spaces of 10 square meters and can only remove asbestos debris and dust, which is usually arises with removal of non- friable asbestos.


Q: Is Your Company Qualified?

A: Yes, with only certified professionals and the very best in safety equipment and up to date licenses, asbestos complete removal from your premises is guaranteed.


Q: What Procedures Do You Use When Removing Asbestos?

A: Depending on the risk, loose asbestos is removed first to clear air of any contamination. After this removal of non-friable and friable asbestos from tiles, roofing and other insulation areas that are harder to reach are then removed. Finally, an air test is done to ensure clearance and safety of the home. A clearance certificate is then issued.


Q: What Does Removing Asbestos Cost?

A: Usually this depends on the size of your home. However he minimum range is usually between $200- 400$ per hour but may go as high as $3000 in extremely large areas.


Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes are contractors are covered by Public Liability insurance ($20,000,000).


If you have any questions that are not answered above please contact our team. You can either complete the quote form on our home-page or phone us direct on 03 8595 9899.