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Pro Asbestos Removal Melbourne has the expertise and equipment to dispose of any asbestos that has been removed from your home, factory or commercial building.

The disposal of asbestos waste, whether from your home or workplace, is strictly controlled by the EPA (Environment Protection Authority). This is covered under two separate acts of parliament – the Environmental Protection Act 1970 and the Environmental Protection (Prescribed Waste) Regulations 1998. The EPA also has authority over commercial waste asbestos disposal companies that transport the asbestos waste to properly approved waste sites.

By law:

  • You cannot dump your asbestos waste on private or public land as it is in breach of the Health Act 1958 and the Environmental Protection Act 1970.
  • You cannot dispose of asbestos materials at your local recycling centre.
  • You cannot place your asbestos waste in your home or work rubbish collection bins.
  • The disposal of all asbestos materials must be made at a waste treatment centre that is properly licensed to accept such waste.

Pro Asbestos Removal Melbourne has the licensed transportation vehicles necessary to carry out the disposal of any asbestos material from all properties, big or small.

Whether it was us or someone else who removed the asbestos ‘in situ’ from your building, we will be happy to undertake the disposal and take all the hazardous waste from your premises. We are fully licensed and controlled by the EPA and can legally provide the necessary asbestos disposal services. We will take your waste offsite in specially made asbestos removal bins and deliver the contents to an approved waste facility.

The state of Victoria has eleven landfill sites that accept domestic asbestos waste; three landfill sites that accept commercial asbestos waste and sixteen sites that accept both domestic and commercial waste. You will be able to rest easy in the knowledge that Pro Asbestos Removal Melbourne will dispose of your hazardous asbestos waste in a professional, efficient and legal manner.


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