Best Stain Removal Tips From Carpet Cleaning Experts

How To Get Rid Of Common Carpet Stains?

Best Stain Removal Tips From Carpet Cleaning Experts

Carpets have been an incredibly expensive commodity in any house and will generally represent your biggest expenditure when redecorating a room. The problem that comes by proxy with the carpet being on the floor is that many things are dropped upon it and dirt is being trodden into it at all times. Many people opt for darker shades of carpet in an effort to avoid embarrassing stains on pale carpets that will not come out.

Unfortunately, this is a feature that can ruin interior design, having such an important focal point affected by practicality issues. Tackling a stain on carpet is a daunting task especially when you worry about how much you spent on it. However, if you know what you are doing and use the correct tools for the trade you can replenish you carpet to its original state with very little effort.

Keeping carpets clean and stain-free can be a challenge, but a professional carpet cleaning company has the tips you need to make it happen! Learn their techniques for tackling tough spots or even everyday dirt.

General Methods Tips

Each stain demands its own removal technique, but there are some general rules that should be adhered to; Never over wet into backing material, be careful with solution ratios, always work from the outside of the stain into the middle and deal with stains as quickly as possible.

2. Determine the Type of Stain

There are many types of stains; some of them come off easily while others require extra cleaning. Knowing the type of stain will help you in determining the type of cleaning product to use.

  • Alcohol and coffee – The key to liquid spills is to blot up as much excess as possible using paper towels. Blotting keeps spreading to a minimum and absorption at a maximum. Use a mix of one teaspoon of white vinegar and one teaspoon of wool detergent to half a pint of water.
  • Dairy products, sweet, blood and vomit –Scrape up as much excess as possible with a blunt knife then use a mix of one teaspoon of carpet shampoo to half a pint of water. Follow this up with an ammonia solution.
  • Chewing gum, solids, and fats – For this again use a blunt knife to scrape off excess and follow this up with some white spirit. After this use the same solution as for liquid spills, remembering to blot as you go along.

No matter the stain you should follow up the removal process by rinsing with a mix of one-part white vinegar to one part water. Put this into a spray bottle and lightly mist the stained area while blotting with thick pile of paper towels throughout. Once the removal process is over it is vital it is left untouched overnight and if the stain is still visible then repeat the process again the following day.

3. Blotting

Use an old towel to absorb as much liquid as possible. Do not rub the stain as this will increase the area occupied by the stain. Blotting should be done before the stain dries up. After blotting, rinse the spot with clean water and dry it. If the stain has already dried, it should be broken up using a detergent and then blotted or vacuumed.

Common Carpet Stains

4. Test All Fabrics

If you plan to use a detergent to clean the carpet, it is best to test the detergent first on the carpet fabric in an area of the room which is not in a noticeable area to make sure that it does not leave any discoloration. Buy a different detergent and repeat the color test for that one as well.

5. Work From Outside

Always start working from outside and gradually move towards the center of the stain. This technique will keep the stain from spreading.

6. Rinse with Clean Water

After using a cloth soaked in a detergent to remove the stain, you should rinse the spot with running water and dry it immediately. If there is still some visible stain, use the detergent again. When there is any stain deeper in the carpet, dry it quickly to prevent it from surfacing.

If the stain does not come off, dampen it with clean water, cover it with a moist piece of cloth and call a professional carpet cleaner. Here are a few things that you should never do.

  • Don’t fold or roll up the carpet
  • Don’t dry the stain by applying heat
  • Avoid rubbing the stain

For solid and semi-solid stains such as pudding and peanut butter, scrape gently with a spoon and lift it off the carpet. Rinse with clean water and dry the spot. That should remove the stain because most solid stains come off easily. Whenever you are not sure of how to remove a stain on your carpet, try water first. If it does not work, call a professional carpet cleaner. Trying to remove it yourself might damage your carpet or even injure you if you use unidentified chemicals.


Everyday accidental stains are part of life, and we have to deal with them. When you stain your carpet, the first thing that should call professional carpet cleaner to remove the stains for you. Most carpets come with stain-resistant treatments but that does not mean that they are stain-proof. When you stain your carpet, you should act immediately because delaying will make it even harder to remove the stains. Implement these Carpet Cleaners Brisbane Advice – Incredible Stain Removal Tips today to keep your carpet cleaner all time.